Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being Human

Funny and deeply depressing at the same time. What's wrong with these people and their thoughts about everyone else? Everyone should get paid decently for the work they contribute. This is key, less profits and much fairer realistic wages. The balance has all gone terribly wrong. It is paradigm shift time. We can't just keep on accepting it is how it is because it can't be any different. I'm hopeful that we are all starting to see beyond that. Russell Brand gets a fair amount of stick for his efforts and daring to make money from a book!... but he gets it out there and you can't argue with someone basically asking us all to be fair, kind, look after each other and be a bit nicer, rather than just look after yourself, make as much as you can, and shit all over others to make it and then punish them for having less than you! .... and how nuts is that woman!?

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