Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Stumbling In The Dark

 I saw a book entitled, My Friend Jesus Christ, in a charity shop the other day and i just liked the title and the premise, but thought it deserved a nicer cover, so i just did a doodle mock up and liked the simplicity. I have no real idea what the book is about, other than a biker turning up at some guys house claiming to be Jesus. I would probably have worked up some biker badges and a few more tattoos, but i just left it plain for now. I had considered adding the back of a pink, flowery sofa... but then decided to keep it stripped down.

This other one is just me playing around again. Dogwalker, by Arthur Bradford is one of my favourite books. Very funny, creative, absurd little stories. They make me think I could write stories, but that's his knack, when of course i couldn't. Anyway, it's purely visual. There is a character in the book called Catface, who wears double denim, but my doodle is not accurate. i just drew a cat faced man and liked him white! I've even split the title into two words (sacrilege!). These are me just playing visually, trying to find where it is i want to stand. They are not great book cover designs, but they are really helping me see pathways. I'm sharing them... just because. This is what goes on. This is what my mind looks like. I find a lot of graphic/illustration blogs are just adverts for work published (which i do as well, of course), but i really like ones where i get to see some of the person too. Why pretend we're not all just a little bit fucked up? It's only human.


  1. So funny, when I first saw the Jesus book, I thought, hey that art looks like Scott's, haha! Wesley wrote a story one time about Jesus coming back to Earth and a hunter mistakenly shooting him, it was a crazy story!

  2. That's funny Tracey. I like the sound of Wesley's crazy story!
    ...I liked your burnt toast comment in your last post too, i hear that!