Monday, 27 October 2014

Food Fermentation

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a food fermenting workshop which takes place tomorrow just down the road at Moose's Kitchen. It's being run by Darren Ollerton of Ferment Revival for Octopus Workshops. We're going to be making sauerkraut and hopefully learn some cool stuff along the way. Been reading a lot about fermentation this year on root simple and the Dervaes family's Urban Homestead. Old school methods of preserving food, a useful skill I thought. I'm also being accompanied by my mate, gardener Mark, my permaculture pal. If you're not already reading his blog please do, His Own Two Feet. He writes great posts full of thoughtful and useful stuff.  I'll report back on how it went and what we learnt.


  1. The shop I just started working at sells fermenting supplies, we have vinegar mothers and kombucha scoby, and all sorts of fun stuff. I love fermented foods, sooo good for you, but watch the acid on the tummy, too much of a good thing and all that! Have fun!

  2. That shop sounds cool Tracey, wish it was just down the road! I hope i don't put myself off. I'd like to get a lot more of this sort of thing going. Got to try to start growing next year too, though we have a less than favourable plot and are over run by snails and slugs! I drink my apple cider vinegar (with mother) everyday. Given up on wheat too and instantly lost about three quarters of a stone, just that little layer that started to move at a different rate from the rest of me as i walked! Mainly the puff. Starting to get our food and meals back on track. Much happier about that