Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Creative Kids

.... and is that such a good thing???
Yep, this is what i came downstairs to last week. Tennessee really went to town with the green, it was thick behind his ears and on his head, at least Texas was a bit more restrained. It came off eventually... though I'm sure there's still some tinges of green!


  1. I woke up one morning to a face very much like this! Wes also colored her arms and legs, lucky you it was just the face!

  2. Tracey, It seldom is!... it's usually drawing their bones, or 'tattooing' each other.
    Tennessee seems destined for a lot of 'body art'! don't know where it comes from as neither me nor Jakki have any tattoos. Weird kids.
    Tennessee, once painted his entire body green, to be the Hulk... like i said, weird kids.

  3. Wow! That is so funny Scott!! I mean to me anyhow. :-) I love the tiger face and claw Texas is making.