Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Pottery God

What was i saying just the other day about the madness of making pottery without the 'kiln bit' being sorted?.... well look what i picked up yesterday for FREE!!! I don't know if it works yet, but I've been given no reason to believe it won't. A friend was doing some work for someone and they had a small kiln and a sit-down kick wheel and they were about a week from taking them to the tip!.. what kind of madness is that??? I picked the wheel up today too, so I'll clean it up and see how it runs. They had been given them about 4 years ago, but never got around to using them.
I'm so excited to have a kiln of my own. It's only small, but it should be fine for me at the moment as I'm not making large quantities. It gives me the chance to learn about firing (and make mistakes without losing lots of work!!) . Perfect. Now to swot up a bit and ask a favour, so i can be assisted initially, without making any obvious mistakes. Hooray, a happy day!!!!


  1. having your own kiln is definitely key. the clay gods were definitely smiling down on you that day!

  2. Good find! It looks like the Guggenheim inside, make you can arrange little people in there and then toast 'em

  3. Ask and ye shall receive..... Kiln God :)
    You must have some good Karma floating around out there, what a perfect thing. Even if the kiln doesn't work it can be made to! When I saw the photo on my blog roll I just got a huge smile on my face. So happy for you, my life changed when I got my own wheel and kiln, yours will to!

  4. I know, i couldn't quite believe it either... and for it not to be a total wreck.
    I knew i could use other kilns, but also knowing me, knew I really needed my own to feel comfortable and move it all forward.
    Now i need to find something to stand it on, the house is pretty much all wood floor boards... i've read that's not the best!!

    God bless my clay God!!... and Brad for giving it to me.

  5. Great news Scott! All hail the Clay God!