Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Slipware Lamp Base- part one

Not much to show for it yet. I slipped it yesterday and am looking forward to going at it once it's dry. I'm going quite bold on this one, i think. I plan to scrape away the face area and leave a white beard and hair, with white eyes. I'm not planning on intricate hair, just lots of quite bold little stabs of dashes. I want something that will really fizz when the light sits above it.

I'm thinking i might also illustrate the lampshade to fit on it. Just pick up a large charity shop shade and go to work on it with some pens, a bit like this little lamp shade below (which i still need to finish off). This little shade has a face jug on one side and a harvest jug on the other side and the paths and connections fill in between. I'll finish it off and put pictures up of both sides, you might recognise a few bloggers on it!


  1. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!!!!!! Love the lampshade idea. Got your email, will reply later :)

  2. Oh this is going to be wonderful, can't wait to see the finished lamp.

  3. Thank you so much ladies, it's a real pleasure having you along for the ride. I've been eyeing up possible shades, but not found the right one yet.
    I think i might make it a family piece... and the light they bring into my life.
    or It could just as easy be some nonsense story !
    making this one up as i go along.
    Linda you've got me thinking cups again!... and surface texture (with inlaid slip).... love it!

  4. Cool to see the NC potter's names on the shade.