Friday, 11 November 2011

English Country Pottery... Bargain!

Found this last week in a charity shop... what are the odds?? not even a couple of quid.
It's a really good read for someone like me, who finds Slipware and Country Pottery so vibrant and alive. ...very real history. It's another ticked of the list of pottery books i'd like to own.

I'm in the middle of my pottery making at the minute, should have my lamp base all scratched out by Monday and a little piggy bank... and a full figure, epi de faitage inspired, top hatted money box (waiting to be slipped). there'll be lots to show next week hopefully. I've been crazy busy all week, working on some advertising work... the shame of which is that i can't go putting any info or pics on here, until they've been used/printed etc. By that time it's old news! The nice thing about the blogs are you get to see work as it's happening, but with most illustration, there will always be that delay until it has been put in use. Don't need to go upsetting any clients on here!!


  1. Is that a fancy way of saying you are making a totem? haha!! I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!!!

  2. Totems are where it's at Tracey!... but no, this is just a single figure. I'll post a snap of it later.