Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Illustration/Pottery, balancing act

I'm not making anything in clay this week, just getting on with my illustration work.
It's a really nice set of book covers, but as usual can't really tell you anything about them. I'm working through the first cover and once i get that right, it will set the tone for the others... well, hopefully! Look forward to sharing them with you, eventually.
I still need to sgraffito that pig/money box, but my time is being spent reorganising my workspace, so i can get the kiln and new wheel in and also give me a space for more shelves. I've pulled all the stuff out and somehow managed to fill the room! it's funny how you squirrel stuff away and drift up the walls!! Anyway, I've now got to make it all disappear around the walls again... but in a different order.

I always like to have a picture in my post, so here are a couple of things from Hastings (Old Town) Museum. I always love to see this big pot. The leather bottles are inspiring me to try some in clay. I think the small one, will be perfect for a slab of clay. I'm going to give inlaid slip a try to, just a little drawing on each side of the 'bottle'. We'll have to see how they turn out.... but first i need to sort that workspace out!!


  1. You're going to be a proper potter in no time, Rock on!!!!

  2. Wouldn't it be cool to make a big pot like that and then draw all over it?! I can't make anything that size that's nice. Big and ugly I'm good with. Anyhow, thanks for sharing. Good luck w. the covers.

  3. Ron, i would love that!... once I'd made the first mark, I'd be ok. Can you imagine facing all that pure white surface...worse than a blank sheet of paper!