Friday, 11 November 2011

Slipware Money Boxes- Man and Pig

Here are a couple of poor quality phone pics of the two pots on the go. The coin slots are in the top of the hats (if you couldn't guess) and the man has a cork sized hole at the bottom of his back. The pig will be slipped white and the band on his hat cleaned up with some lettering on it. I had fun building this man. In the end he was just slab and pinched, no coil, no thrown ( I'd love to have been able to throw the bits!) I'm now thinking how best to slip this sucker, both in terms of design and practicality! I might just dip his head and scratch back to the clay hat, leaving a band, leave his body raw and then blob some slip on his hands and buttons. Think i may also slip around the base, so i can write something. I was going to write it on his back, but i don't fancy the practicalities of a beginner slipping the whole thing!!... and don't ask if it will fit in a small kiln (that i don't even have!)... what kind of madness is this?... what am i doing?????...( i only bought some clay for the first time ever in April) I just figure make it and the rest will come!!.... you proper potters out there must be rolling your eyes... "...and he hasn't even got a kiln!!"... tut tut. ;-)..... i hope you like them.


  1. If you keep this up you will look back at this post in a year and see where a great idea grew and grew! I looked back recently at the first barn I made, I still like it but they have evolved so much and so will these. Just keep making work you like making, this work is very much "you", I'm a fan! I made work for six years! without a kiln. I just drove it around to whatever studio I could. I volunteered as a studio assistant to be able to fire for free and get clay for free, I did whatever it took to keep making as cheaply as possible, while I figured it all out. And now I'm in a show with the grownups (and scared shitless haha).

  2. They're your illustrations in clay, so unique. I started out making and firing wherever I could, a community college, then a private studio, then at home, taking the work long distances to get them fired. Then I got a used kiln and started to fire at home and shortly thereafter I moved into my RV and made work and fired along the way. Keep going, there's no such thing as a proper potter.