Friday, 11 July 2014

At What Cost?

When did "cheap" take over from "good"?
We seem to be being sold the idea of "cheap" as being the best thing, rather than that lost concept of "good value". Why is the lowest price the thing that's most important? Adverts seem to be more and more just selling us the price, rather than if the product is actually any good. "It's good, it's cheap, LOOK!... now buy it and fuck off". If something is twice the price, but will last 4 or 5 times as long, it's just looked at as expensive. That, i guess, is why we're now buried in this hole full of cheap tat. Price is everything... price is the only thing. (I'm no better, I still get sucked in and buy cheap tat, even though i know it is. It's short term thinking, at the time you look at price. it's when you throw it in the bin that you think of the cost). I'm trying to change my whole way of thinking though!

While i'm here i'll share my other pet peev... those 'real people' adverts, where they "honestly" review a product. The people in them always seem to say the words "... actually" or "... to be honest" after their fake review. It's as if they can't cover up the falseness and they have to try and convince themselves! Anyway it pisses me off.
Award of the day has to go to Aldi for their advert where the "real person" is very excited that they sell "... live herbs now, you know in the pots".... fucking hell. Here's a link if you need to see it!


  1. Nice work scotty. Those ads really suck, and cheap always seems to be important because we are all guilty of thinking we need loads of stuff rather than just what we need, made well. Lovin your work

  2. I keep forgetting to come back here and comment on this post. I read it the other day after I recently bought some cheap crap at the local Walmart, that they put up less than a mile from my house, (making it nearly impossible not to shop there since I live miles from anything else). Anyway, had to return several things that fell apart the day after I bought them. Trying to shop cheap for Wesley's college house but it's just not worth it. We can find better stuff at the thrift stores! I am so sick of our capitalist society with greedy mofos just trying to get rich quick and stick to all of us. When oh when are things going to change for the better!!!!!!
    re: the "real people" and "honestly" .... I once heard a psychiatrist say that when someone prefaces a statement with "honestly" they are usually lying, haha!
    Rage against the machine Scott!!!