Monday, 28 July 2014

the WALL... the start of my new weekly cartoon

As promised, something has been cooking and its a new little series that i will be publishing on my website every Monday morning to help us all start the week. I'll also post it here on the blog to keep it simple for you guys. You'll be able to follow a link and catch up on any you've missed.

It's not going to blow your mind or have you rolling around on the floor laughing (have i sold it to you? : ) but it'll just be a nice simple little thought or idea to kick off your week. You should know me by now, i don't do complicated. A simple smile is all i need.

This idea has had a long germination period, but finally i saw the light and it was the most simplest of stages for me to explore, a simple red brick wall. I've always had walls in my work, even if it's just been a line dividing the wall from the floor. This one is perfect. I can touch on so many things with just this simple graphic device. In one weekend I blasted through a whole years worth in my sketchbook (well, the majority on the Friday!). Most of those will feed in here, it's nice to know i have back up, but i also hope to keep creating and finding better ideas as i go. I always like my 'get out of jail' cards before i can really think freely! I'm also happy with the semi-rough finish of the drawing, i wanted to keep it closer to the doodles and not get too fussy. I'm sure some weeks will be tighter than others, but it'll be good for me to try and keep it looser. Eventually, once i have accumulated enough, i might try and make them into a book. Let's start simply first though, so....

Here's the first one then. Welcome to The WALL! (they'll look much better viewed over on the website garrettworld)

Hope you drop by each week (unless you're a psychologist!)

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