Tuesday, 15 July 2014

That's Entertainment!

I thought I'd just put a quick word up here to point you to some good stuff. It's Russel Brand's Trews (True News... imagine!). Russel's just popped up, grabbed hold and is galloping away! Personally i'm with him, his points are good ones, solid ones... and as in this film it's very funny, by the time he got to the Chinese i had tears in my eyes. Anyway, i just thought you might enjoy it, i think you're my kind of people ; )

I can also heartily recommend the Is Fox News More Dangerous Than ISIS? and Why Does Fox News Love Guns So Much? ... oh and Can Fox News Justify Killing Animals?

Basically I love all the ones where he reviews The O'Reilly Factor on Fox, with Bill O'Reilly.

Get over there and subscribe!... unless you're a fan of Fox News ... haha... of course you're not, who would be?

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