Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Simple, Yet So Hard

The other day, as my fb friends will already know, i managed to hit a 180 on our studio dartboard. Nothing special there... if you're a pro! For them it's a regular thing, they're disappointed if it's anything else. However, as any of you darts dabblers out there will appreciate, it is incredibly hard and rare. I think this is only my third or fourth ever! it's certainly been at least 7 years since my last, but then i played a whole lot less darts in that time than i used to. I love darts. It's such a simple game to get into, but you soon appreciate how hard it is to master. "How can three darts not all go in the same place?!!", you'd be surprised. I've been very close to 180 lots of times, but so often that last dart just tenses up and mostly drops just below. It's a tough call on the last dart, do you keep momentum and flow, or do you pause and compose so as not to snatch at it? this time i went with flow, just as i started to think about what could be, my mind blocked it out and let go... 180. Simple, yet so hard.

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