Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Classic Kids

I love this photo of my two (the bookends) and friends. It was taken by our friend Sarah, who has been co-running fun days for the kids during the holidays with our other friend Erika. This was 'Detective' day and apparently Barbie had killed the Teddy in the treehouse. They all got fingerprinted and swabbed for DNA! This is just them chilling out in the park like a bunch of mixed up teenagers, so many expressions/attitudes going on!


  1. LOVE this! Imagine the world they are going to change one day:)

  2. I hope we can start it for them Tracey, give them a jump start. They can't fuck it up like our lot have!
    This picture just looks so staged and art directed to me, the gap and head and feet is a genius touch. Betty, in the hat, looking all complex. I love Tennessee's slouch and Tex being all 'normal'... it captures their very difference of spirit. Guess which one is going to give us all the headaches! That's the way he rolls. I hope they re-create it in 30 years time!