Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I Always Knew I Was A Winner!

There was recently a print giveaway over on the lovely Claire Loder's blog. I threw my name into the hat and WON this splendid fellow, "Feeling Blurry"! I always love it when i see these simple monochrome wash drawings Claire makes. Any of you unfamiliar with Claire's work and her fabulous ceramics should really go have a look and also follow her always interesting, inspiring blog. Creative, artistic and simple. It can purify you!

It was also such a pleasure receiving my print. As ever you can rely on true artists to care equally about the way they package and present themselves. I was excited from the start... look at that fantastic personalised tape!!

I opened it with surgical precision and being careful with the blade! Then there was a sub package with a beautiful little drawing on it and a very sweet note. Inside were a lovely set of postcards. Then onto the main print, which had it's tissue wrap and a small card taped to it (cut, not torn). It's all these touches that make receiving things so special. It felt like a tiny ritual. Perfect. 

Anyway, now i need to figure out the best place to live with this guy, somewhere in my studio i think. A reminder to not forget about those brushes and watercolour that still sit there, rather neglected these days. I suggest you dig yours out too.

Thanks Claire, i love him!
(even though i know you created a 'her' : )

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