Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another Owl

While i'm on the theme of 'Owls', here's one i made early last year and as i didn't have clay i built it from thick card tubes wrapped around with scrunched newspaper and coated in modrock. Once that had set i skimmed with polyfilla and then used polyfilla from the tube to "ice" on the feathers. Quick couple of sprays of plasti-kote, bit of painting on eyes and beak, then varnish and hey presto! It worked for me at the time. It's about 10 inches tall and his head comes off for storing bits in, but it's no slipware beauty like Matt's... and Ozzie it most certainly isn't!


  1. That rocks Scott, reckon I better up my owl game! ;)

  2. Thanks guys... Matt i think you're safe. Loved the little you tube slip clip and your work ramble!... i was with you all the way. It'll all work out, you've got a good thing going. Will email more of a ramble soon!