Tuesday, 11 January 2011


My 10 week course has now finished and i'll stick a few more bits i made up here, if only to make a couple of proper potters laugh! It was worth doing though, as i needed a bit of a kick start and it has helped me understand a few more things about working with clay. Could it have been better? it was a college course... of course it could! It got off to a good start, but kind of faded out. The snow didn't help.
Anyway, the good news is i finally got to use the wheel and experience throwing, I loved it! I knew i would, but there was always a fear that once i did, it might not have been what i expected. Only got to throw 3 lumps and spent forever cleaning the damned thing back to it pristine condition! (no wonder they avoid using them!) I found centering the clay easier than i expected, i guess i picked something up from all those youtube clips! My problems came when i tried going up!! I ended up with a couple of odd pots, i took photos, but haven't uploaded them yet... funny. Oh, and one had a base about an inch thick! I know that i could do it though, i just need a bit more practice and to remember what i should be doing when i'm doing it. I just need to figure out how to get more experience on a wheel now, at a time when money is at it's tightest. Why didn't i get into this 5 years ago when i had money and no kids?? It'll have to sit on the back burner for a bit. I want to get making and doing some sgraffito real soon though, so i need to stock up and figure out what clay and slip i need to kick me off. Hopefully i might stumble upon a wheel or some spare cash soon.


  1. Nice, glad you got a go on the wheel at last. Must be the same experience in most colleges I guess although you made two more pots than me! Hey I got all the recipes you need, will drop them on an email to you sir, it will start you off anyway and you can add what else you want when you want. Really pleased for you.

  2. Right on Scott, keep your eyes peeled and you'll find a wheel. Good to have Mr. Grimmitt there to pass on good info too.

  3. i got a GCSE in ceramics when i was on foundation.freeeeeeeee!