Friday, 21 January 2011

Christmas Owl

I've been very slow to put this up, but look what Santa brought me for Christmas! Actually, it was Jakki that bought it and i'm very grateful to Matt for making it happen, "thanks again Matt". It was such a great surprise and i'm not sure how i feel about Jakki being such a great liar! Jakki had even seen me watching one of Matt's clips from his new space and said "Oh, who's he?" and i'm sat there thinking "you gotta be kidding me??" like she never listens to anything i say! All the time she's sorting this out with Matt for me. Bless. Love these little owls. If i could figure out how to link back to it's birth i would... go to Matt's blog and refresh yourselves!


  1. That's a beauty!! Way to go Jakki.

  2. Ha ha, cheers Scott and Jakki! Nice pic wish I could shoot them as good as that. Do you mind if I steal the image Scott?

  3. Hey Guys.
    Sure is a beauty Ron.
    Of course you can steal it Matt, it's yours after all!
    I need to tweak my snaps a bit, but those photo cubes are well worth buying, even just for a quick snap.

  4. Hot damn! I want one! Badly! Resoration slipware is my thang!
    Thanks also for the kind words on my blog Mr G. I have long long been an admirer of your work & will had a link to your blog on mine forthwith!
    best, Paul B