Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Running Late

I promise to sort this out soon! I never intended this blog to just be a run through of my 'Wish List'.
I've already stockpiled some photos that i can trickle out over the week. I'll also be picking up the rest of my pots from college on Friday, so that should add some hilarity... still not sure if i'll stick any up. I've a few creative ideas kicking around for some personal illustration projects, but trying not to make them all look like these 'Wish List' pieces! I'm also adding the inspiration for this piece, which is also relevant to my world of clay. It was made by my big sister Jo when she was at school and i took it from my parents house years ago. It sits happily alongside other 'amateur ceramics' that i rescue from charity shops and boot sales.... along with a lot of other junk, which i'll put some pics of up soon. For now though "enough".

1 comment:

  1. Good one. I hope you'll post some of your pots soon. It will nice to see what you're making.