Monday, 31 January 2011

Jerry Brown

Another potter that really got me into face jugs was Jerry Brown from Hamilton, Alabama. I stumbled across a great little film of him at (also check out another old potter Sid Luck and the wonderful Grandma Prisbrey (not a potter) then have a browse at all the other great stuff.) Jerry is one of those great old timers and man can he throw a jug, absolutely no nonsense functionality. Now some of his face jugs can get a little goofy, but you can't not recognise his style. God bless Jerry, i can just watch him throw (sorry USA... "turn") all day long.

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  1. I don't know if you read this on my blog but Sid Luck is the first person that touched my hands to clay.I did a show last year and my booth was next to his,I was so intimidated and humbled, he is a great man! I bought a crock from him this summer that I love. I think it's on my blog somewhere.
    Also, saw some of Burlon Craig's jugs at the Ackland Museum show here in Chapel Hill last week, beautiful pieces. I photographed them but the lighting was terrible and I didn't want to put them on my blog looking so crappy....thanks again for sending the photos, loved them!