Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First thrown pots

 ... and i've no idea what they were trying to be, other than upright!
These are for you Matt and Ron, should give you something to laugh at. I'm just happy they exist at all. Really enjoyed making them and would have loved another hour on the wheel after these two. I only got to make three and the first one ripped apart.. and then i also realized the wheel was going clockwise for that one! Really have to find a way to get on this now. It's a shame, i've just had to spend any money i did have on a new mac for work, after my not-very-old one died a death just before Christmas. Matt, i'll be taking you up on your kind recipe offer and i'll just have to start by making a few dishes etc (for some reason i can't comment on your comments, i'll get the hang of this blog stuff soon).


  1. Hey! Well done. Honestly most people end up making some sort of bowl shape at first so its good that you are getting the clay up in the air and into a distinct shape.

  2. I'm with Ron there, well done Scott. My first ones were mainly all bowls of sorts. Good on you some lovely lines in the one in front. Exciting stuff! Will get those recipes to you some time soon.

  3. Cheers guys
    It's being unsupervised! i should have gone for bowls.. but i was left alone!
    Poor old Tony, he couldn't wait to get off the wheel... which was just as well as i couldn't wait to get on it. Weirdly, things seemed to go better when i didn't look and just went with feel... well, for centering and opening out.