Tuesday, 11 January 2011

On Golden Pots

I never thought i'd see the day i made a golden pot! Don't panic though it's not how i see my pots going. I finally got around to glazing the various bits i'd been making on my course and it seemed that bronze and pewter were the big thing in college!... how could i refuse?(Gulp). Reluctantly i covered this wee chap in bronze. I'd made it with a bit of leftover clay, just widening a narrow cylinder and then using off cuts to make the features. I joined them pretty crudely, lots of slip, so i'd get a fair bit of ooze. After my initial( heart sinking) horror of seeing the fired result i eventually grew to really like something about it. I think it just has inherent charm and it's just wrong in all the right ways. Slipware it's not, but that will come. This was just me finding my feet and having fun along the way.


  1. Beatrice Wood popped into my head when I saw that.

    I have some pots I made when I took my first class and they have some insane horrible glazes on them. Fun to have them though. That's a treasure. Onward!

  2. I thought Beatrice Wood too! I am, and she was, a sucker for a bit of humo(u)r and a lustrous glaze or two. Scott, I am so excited I've found your site, what an amazing tangent to be going off on!
    It also reminds me of the legend of the Brazen Head, a bust of bronze purportedly made by medieval alchemists and said to have the power of forethought and prophecy.
    I can't wait to see more! And buy some!