Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Jeffry Mitchell & Brendan Huntley

I first saw Jeffry's ceramic art a year or two ago and it really appealed to me, loose, lots of charm and energy, really nice. I love that hand. I'll eventually make a similar one as a money box, with slot in the palm and an armful of tattoos.
 I've also recently stumbled upon Brendan Huntley and I find the same with his too. I really like what he has going on with the drawings and the pots, it's something I'd like to work through too. That's not to say i like all the pots (though i do like most) but i like what they're doing. I do love this white, red and black head though, it's great to see it's drawn form too and see how these things develop. Anyway, i don't want an over long post, i know what short attention spans you all have!

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