Thursday, 23 May 2013

Marie Rogers

 Just wanted to do a little post on Marie Rogers and show some of her work. When i was starting out down this clay road i looked at so many pots, lots of face jugs and always amongst the ones that appealed to me most were the pots of Marie Rogers. Full of life and energy, not complicated or precious, they looked fun, they looked like she had fun making them. I've seen a lot of beautifully crafted pots, very technical sculptural face jugs... but i just can't stand most of them. They miss the life, focusing more on the purely grotesque. Marie was married to Horace Rogers, who was a traditional potter in Meansville, Georgia. One day while hauling a load of pots his truck was hit from behind killing him. It was then Marie began to practice on his wheel and it went from there. Now I don't know this, but i suspect Marie was a lovely person just like her pots, at least i hope she was.

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