Tuesday, 14 May 2013

TV Adverts - The State Of A Nation?

I've been meaning to do this post since returning from America in January. I have to say i was pretty shocked by some of the adverts on the TV there. A relentless stream of medication/pills,  health insurance (and food.. generally how much you could get for so little money). I had touched on this in a post after returning, but now i want to pick it up again. Over on Tracey's blog recently she was using hulu (not available outside the States..yet!) the adverts on cable were getting too much and she was..

"frustrated with cable programming to the point where we hardly turn on the TV anymore. When we do all there is to watch are ads selling you drugs, talk about drug pushers, the network TV companies are the biggest pushers ever"

Anyway, she got me thinking again. TV adverts are a pretty good insight into the habits and problems of a Nation. I decided I'd keep lists of adverts at various times. I'd be interested in getting some other lists from elsewhere. I'd like to see what you're getting, please comment and list them or email me. This was from a 10.15 pm slot during a movie on Channel 5.

• Pay day loans
• Supermarket fuel/grocery deal
• Laundry soap
• Chocolate bar
• Action movie trailer
• Wood preservative
• Vacuum cleaner
• Home Insurance
• Air freshener
• Emergency cash
• Cider

..so what's it say? Hmm. It's more of a 'compare and contrast' project, so we'll see. I really don't mind crap adverts just flogging their product, i can turn myself off to it all. It is what it is... BUT i just can't handle all these 'ordinary people being honest about products/services'... fuck them! ha. It's such bullshit, it infuriates the hell out of me. I shall have to figure out which one tops my list and post it here. You know it's all fake becuase they always have to say "..actually." at the end of their dumb spiel, just to convince themselves it's a real thought and not them just spewing out their lines for money. Like i said, fuck them! ha. Your turn. Over and out.


  1. Hey Scott,strangely enough the drug ads seem to have tapered off a bit lately. We were seeing four to five ads in a row at one time,it was blowing my mind.
    A new one I have noticed though is an ad for a dog drug that will prevent and/or cure everything. Poor dogs....
    We have a LOT of car ads, McDonalds and other fast food ads, we not only push drugs here,we push sugar, the worst drug of all!

  2. Hey Tracey, hope you didn't mind me stealing your words! I liked the sound of what you could access and watch on hulu. I'm always happier spending my viewing time on interesting blogs than tv. The rest of my household may disagree though. i don't think i'll be dropping Sky anytime soon.