Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Vegas Man

Firstly, I need a new camera! I know that, I'm working on it. I picked this up from a thrift store in Las Vegas, in fact they had about 10 different variations and left me puzzled. I would have bought them all if i had the room. this one had no glass, so was most suited to a suitcase!.... and also had the best person! they all featured a photo of a house/ houses and had a portrait floating in the air. At first I just thought it was people and their homes, made sense..... but then i'd see a photo with several houses,  then i got to this one, well that is not a man and his house! What are they??? I wondered if they were real estate agents, but it didn't quite fit. Who knows! I do know i like it, it's cool and it in my house.... oh and he will no doubt appear in my work at some stage! Vegas Man.

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