Friday, 20 July 2012

A Cup Of Me

I just finished this off yesterday from the night before. I only figured out the other week that bamboo makes perfectly formed cups when cut down... and then i found two of these tankard sized ones in a charity shop. They had some crappy brush work on them, but that sanded off easily enough and then i set to work with a marker pen. I wasn't sure how they'd work, but this one told me all i need to know, they work great. I shall be making similar in clay (don't ask, but the kiln bit will be happening soon). I also have a couple of other things in clay on the go, so i haven't dropped clay for bamboo! but I like that i can sit in the evenings doing some of these. I hope there's no identity thieves reading this blog! i just wanted to have key streets I've lived on, places I've studied, kids, grandparents, parents etc etc. This will be my go to cup for keeping me watered, I'll give it an ale test soon!... anyone want one?? ( though not sure the work time could be reflected in price! It may have to be for gifts (lucky people!!). Although, there are a few of you bloggers I'd be more than happy to make one for.... I'll have to get my supply of cups soon, but got some bamboo 'logs' on the way. It's great when you find something new to play with. I could do with an aircraft hangar for a studio/workshop!

Early Stages, just warming up!


  1. Nice! Looking forward to the clay versions.
    Price according to what it takes to make them.....don't undervalue your work. A friend told me many years ago that you can always come down in price if it doesn't move, but it's nearly impossible to raise a price .

  2. Totally cool!! No dust either. (Well after the sanding that is) Nice. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. so great! I love it. I see scraffito in you future....

  4. I was thinking as I read: black slip and scraffito in your future, and then Laura said it for me!
    This would be great for red clay and black slip!

  5. That is one cool cup! It looks like a lot of fun, both in the making and the using and that's the important bit.

    1. Scott, you never fail to impress and delight!