Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hastings Pirate Day 2012

Sunday was Hastings Pirate Day, and the town was swamped with them! I braved the crowds to take my two boys down to be part of the World Record attempt for the most pirates in one place. Previously held by Penzance in Cornwall, their record of 8,734 was smashed with an amazing 14,231... and that was only the ones that bothered to go and be counted. Many stuck with their beer and sunshine!! Here's a pic of one of my little pirates (the other one decided about a minute before we left that he wanted to go 'normal'... as i had painted his pirate facial hair a millimetre out or something ridiculous, don't ask!!). I don't seem to have any of me as pirate, if one pops up i'll stick it up.... maybe.

and yes, that is sunshine in the background!

Waiting in the counted area


  1. Wes and I were pirates for Halloween the year the first Pirates of the Carribean came out. There Is a photo of me somewhere on my blog. It's so fun to dress like pirates, I had a kid that looked for any excuse to dress in costume, no wonder she is in film school, haha! Yours looks adorable:)

  2. That's a lot of pirates!!