Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Bisc Is On!

My first ever bisc firing is on... well, we think it is. Still can't quite figure out this kiln sitters settings, so we're making an educated(?) guess. It looks like this kiln i was given works though, there's definitely heat happening! I do need to figure it out properly though so i may post a pic of the controls and ask for any help you can offer. It's a Dawson LT-3KR model. I'll let you know how it all goes. Better make that glaze up if it all works out! Fingers crossed :^)


  1. Woo hoo!
    By the way, I saw on TV this morning a good rival:
    Voldemort vs. Mary Poppins haha!

  2. Good luck w. the firing. Look forward to the next stage.

  3. Hey guys
    It was very weird having this incredibly hot box burning away in the corner of my room. I'd pop my head in and see this glowing hole getting hotter and hotter. I'll open it up later and see how it all went.It's feels so good to have got past this point though and to know that this old kiln i was given works just fine. Phewww.
    Ron, I'm really looking forward to the glazing stage now, but also just a little more nervous! I really want to get a handle on this heating dial on my sitter.
    It even had Alastair stumped and he's been making pots for 30 years, or something crazy. Seems we guessed it about right though, maybe make it a slightly shorter firing next bisc.