Friday, 6 July 2012

The Clay Room

Just thought I'd show you my set up at home for making my pots... remember when i used to do that?! :) . I'm feeling the urge again now and have lots of ideas, so i will be in a making phase again soon! Well, i have been making, but just not in clay. Once the clay is out of the bag I'm fine, but at 9 o'clock at night i often don't feel like doing that. I need to juggle my time better. Anyway, can't recall if i've put any pics of the room up before, so here it is. (I really need a bigger/sturdier work bench!)


  1. Nice to see the fish bowl again. Look forward to more pots. You gotta get firing.

  2. Hey Ron! ... i know it's killing me... and stopping me creating... the dam can't hold much longer! I'm hopeful i can at least test it out next week and see what I/it needs.The more insights i see, the more cautious and apprehensive i get. I know this bit, the firing and glazing etc can be a bit of a minefield... and i have NO real training , just stuff I've gleaned from folk like you and books. I'm hoping Alastair can just hold my hand and get me through, so i can repeat it and learn on the job. I've been waiting for Alastair to have the time, he's just about finished teaching at Uni and so i have a better chance of picking his brain and using some of his experience. I've just spent the last hour ogling various old slipware pots, mainly the Fitzwilliam collection.. and my mind starts racing! in the scheme of say the next 10 years of me making pots, this delayed 6 months won't seem that much.I do wish I'd started before kids though!!

  3. Wow, I love that room. To have a studio of one's own... you are one lucky potter. I can imagine the struggle to want to be there and not have the time or energy to do so. The same happens to me and I work/play in a completely different atmosphere. Make the time to make it happen and make wonderful pots! Creative play is on of the best teachers.