Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I Want A Drink of Water...

I've been listening to this a lot lately. Play it a couple of times while you get up and do something, it'll make you thirsty! What a great track, it takes me back to when I first heard it, sharing a flat with my good buddy Craig. We were really getting into Van's 'noises'. That guy makes some incredible sounds. Again, I'm going to mention Listen To The Lion, amazing grunts and growls! Not sure whose voice I'd rather have Neil Young's or Van Morrison's... i think Neil and then I put Van on and it just hits you, that man has one amazing voice. Proper music, full of emotion. Brilliant.... turn it up!


  1. I can remember doing you and Craig loads of compilation tapes and then coming to your house,between you,you both had my entire record collection which was quite diconcerting!

  2. Wherever you walk we shall follow! You shouldn't have had such a good record collection in the first place... there, it's your fault.