Monday, 23 July 2012


I've had an idea for a project for a few years now. I haven't done an illustratory blog project that folk can get involved with. others have done (are doing) them, but i haven't. a particularly fine one was the brilliant Jonathan Burton's The Perils of Archibald Toddle. Anyway, I'm starting one, it's called 'Versus' and I'm pitting fictional characters against eachother. You'll get the chance to offer up characters and I'll pick the next challenger and decide the outcome, of which i will draw the moment of victory.. degrees of creative endings will depend on my moods! Would Luke Skywalker defeat the Mad Hatter? Could the Cowardly Lion mix it with Willy Wonka? We shall see! Now, I'm not promising this will amount to much, or that i won't just get board of it all and drop it for some new thing, but the important thing is I've started it. First up, I've decided, is Mr Bump. Man, that guy's been feeling the pain for years and now he's lookin' to dish some out. Bring it on!! ( now let's hear it from you, just leave me a comment, you don't have to be chatty, just a fictional character will do. If you can't comment just email me through my website... it's there on the sidebar.. or leave me a comment on facebook/twitter. Don't be shy!)


  1. My all time favorite- Ultra Man!!! you may have to google it, you are way younger than I am haha! I'll have to think on this one..... Earth vs. Fracking?!

  2. I had to look up Mr. Bump. I didn't know about him.

    So the one that comes to mind right away is Capt. Hook.

  3. Thor ...make it Thor by Odin's Hammer!

  4. Hey, just spotted this. Thank you for the mention!

    I'd like to suggest Frankensteins Monster