Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Double Bottle Cap Man

As promised, following on from the glimpse of it in the shack. I found this old post, from a bed, dumped outside a house on the street and saw the potential. It was originally meant to go out in the garden, in a border somewhere, but now it's looking like an inside object. Animals are next on my list, better source some more caps!!.. or just drink more.

They also remind me a bit of epi de faitage, with their 'stacked' nature.
I have ideas on that too once i can throw a half decent pot!


  1. This one made me laugh out loud! It's probably a good thing that you live across the pond or I would be sending you my bottle caps of many sizes and shapes!

  2. Thanks, that's what I like to hear! As i always I seem to have more ideas than time, wish i could just lock myself away in a huge workshop for a couple of months and just blast through them... i can wish!!