Monday, 2 July 2012

Garden Shack/House Thing

Following on from Tracey's words on blogs v facebook (most of which i agree with, but time makes me do otherwise!) I've decided to let you in on the recent building of a new hut/house/shack/workshop thing at the end of our garden. Back in April my folks came down for the weekend, they hadn't seen the boys since Christmas. Anyway my boys seemed to take great delight in spending the weekend showing their Grandad and Nan their butts... I've obviously done a sterling job bringing them up (they're only 4 and 5, just in case you were imagining two hairy teenagers!!). When they weren't being mooned by my two, my Mum was helping us sort out our front garden (finally) and me and my Dad started work on a summerhouse/shack (potential future workshop?), down the end of the garden. When i say me and my dad... i should say more my dad and me... well, my dad and me standing behind him watching and handing the appropriate spirit level/tape measure/drill! Hey, I'm learning! If there's one skill I'd like to have it's being able to put up my own shack! (well along with an ever growing list of other skills, such as being able to throw pots, general DIY skills and better social skills to name a few!!)
Anyway, we got the base block work done and had the frames ready for the windows and doors. We were fortunate to have a 10ft wall at the end of the garden and a 5ft wall down one side, so that's practically the back and one side already done!
My parents came back a couple of weeks later to try and finish it off. We already had the windows from a salvage yard for £50 and a pair of doors, also for £50, so we were doing ok. It's not a huge structure, but 11ftx 8ft is decent for the size of our garden (this is not America!). We never got it finished, but they returned again last weekend and we just about finished it off. Just got to put some guttering to run into a water butt and a few little bits of trim to tidy it up.. Going to let it weather the new wood a bit then get going to hit it with some colour (decisions, decisions???)  I'm hoping this little house at the end of the garden will help me engage a bit more with the bit inbetween it and the house... I can hope!

First weekends work, clearing the site, block work and lower frame.
Sadly we had to lose a rather grand fig tree to make way for it,
but it had so few figs.. and not great ones either, so i didn't feel so bad.

Second weekend and the windows and door frame go in.

... and roof supports, roof boards  and eventually doors (much cursing and re-hanging!)

Third weekend and the last bits of panelling and roof felting/flashing, plus additional glazing etc

Just about finished, guttering and a few odd bits to do.
That's a cherry tree in front of it, pretty poor crop this year, it's normally loaded.

inside is deceptively spacious, just need paint and a bit of tarting up.
More on that large bottle cap man soon!

There's a mains water pipe coming through the wall, so needs
boxing in and making a bench seat along that wall.

Side walls have the added glazing at the top for morning/evening light.


  1. Wow this looks good!
    Sell the house and move in here!

  2. Ummmm....most social skills are vastly over rated.
    That little shed looks like it has been there fits in so successfully with the rest of the garden....and I love the way you used the existing walls in the structure. Looks like a good place to drink tea!

  3. What a great space! Dream big in your little shed and make good art.

  4. THAT is a proper potter's shed dude!!! Get in there and make some amazing pottery!!! Loved the post, and LOVE this shed, I am very envious of it's character :) My shed is 12X12 and it's very roomy. Vertical shelving helps a lot and storage under work tables. What a great space to inspire creativity.

  5. Fabulous! This is so exciting. I think you are going to really enjoy that space- I am so impressed. ( forget the social skills you'll be too busy doing pottery).

  6. That's not such a bad idea Andy!
    The shed has settled in very comfortably in it's corner. I try to sneak out there with my coffee, but the kids always find me. It's a good place to sit and think... mostly i think "God, the back of the house looks terrible!" I've never gave it much thought before and now i sit staring at it.
    Tracey, your hut is very COOL!! I would happily swap it and 12x12 is a good space, though i know all too well how quickly it can close in when all the gear invades. Workroom pic to blog later this week! Must get to clay... must get to clay... got to go and do a paper cut out portrait for someone first, damn!
    Hi Margaret, loved your recent wares at Rufford.. i'm sure i saw mugs!! lovely stuff.
    Thanks for all your comments... and those for sticking with me through non clay times!!!

  7. A bit of insulation wouldn't go amiss Scott,for those winter nights

  8. What a great space. I'd be out there all the time.